Friday, December 23, 2011

Mt Kilimanjaro

I was offered an irresistible opportunity to be the official photographer for mountain climber Sian-Pearl Going (PG7- Sian-Pearl Going 7 summits) from New Zealand. My job was to not only document her expedition up Mt Kilimanjaro but also to supply campaign imagery for her sponsors (Adidas outdoor, Sony NZ and 1Above) . She was determined to make the first New Zealand female ascent record via the Grand traverse route and we began our Kilimanjaro traverse through the Shirau Plateau. In 4days, 9hrs and 38 minutes her record was made! and not realising that I had made a female record too being the first female from New Caledonia! It was an incredible experience and personal achievement to be part of the 30% that make it to the summit. I would like to thank our sponsors Adidas Outdoor, 1Above and SONY NZ for there support in making this expedition possible.

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